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  • Morsi Meter & CitJoe


    Today is post dedicated to the GENIUS that is Egyptians !!

    1- Morsi Meter


    Morsi … won boohoo … get over it, and stop making fun of him,  stop making fun of his wife, stop complaining and stop being negative and move forward, and become positive.

    Well on group of people have got it right. They created a website called Morsi Meter

    Morsi Meter is a website that tracks the 64 promises Morsi said he will do in a hundred days and hold him accountable to it  !

    I think its a genius idea  !  http://morsimeter.com/

    2- Morsi is Accountable

    and while on the topic of Morsi,

    a new facebook account has just been created called  www.facebook.com/morsiaccountable

    its basically a facebook page that also monitors the progress of morsi, if you feel you have it takes to join this team of facebookers, send a page on the page itself to tell them how you can help and they can make you one of the admins of the page

    2- CITJO

    you know how with the revolution everyone all of  a sudden became a journilist … well say hello to CitJo (also know as Citizen Journalist)


    citjo discribes themselves as on their website

    “Welcome to CitJo, a platform that connects you with citizen journalists, CitJos, around the world.We want you to be able to easily find content that you can use with ease of mind.

    Sign up to explore pictures and videos uploaded by our members.Check out our Camera Roll to watch the news as our CitJos break it.Look for the CitJo checkmark at the top left corner to find vetted and verified material.Or use our filtering system to find content that fits your needs.”