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    i stayed up all night watching the polls

    literally got just half an hour asleep ! and well the last thing i saw was updated an hour ago 7:15 with 52.74 percent to morsi and 47.25 to shafeek according to the al ahram

    so to all of you who stayed at home and didnt vote THANK YOU! and btw no vote, is not about VOIDING your vote, no its about staying at home and not even going to vote in the first place

    thank you

    anyway it doesnt matter who the winner because well there is a new constitution that gives military more power than the president

    This coming week is going to be a tricky one for our country

    1 – our constition will be re-written

    2- Muslim brotherhood refuses to leave parliment

    3- Morsi won

    4- we have no parliment

    5- people after a year and a half of revolution are tired, and after they saw a year and half of loss of business and finance and down fall in the economy, they are ready to surrender the revolution and accept any result

    6- can some give me a gun, because i might shoot myself soon and just close down cairogossip while everything around our country is failing