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  • Morsi & his 5 VPs

    Morsi Mania


    Morsi Mania

    So yea  you know how in Islamic law a man is allowed up to 4 women in marriage. Well Guess what if you are chosing a council of Vice Presidents, you can have to 5 with Morsi, i guess the 5 is to provide an odd number incase a vote is needed

    but what is interesting is that out the 5 VPs that morsi will appoint, he will include 1 woman, 1 christian, and  one youth activist  and two others

    Maybe the guy isnt that bad ? i mean maybe he will indeed include all fabric of  the community ? or do you still think this is just a cover up for his grand plans.

    source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-06-27/egypt-s-mursi-to-name-deputies-including-woman-christian.html

    P.S. I want to say something here , i know a lot of us here are anti Morsi and all, but making fun of his wife, or him for the way the looks etc is extremely uncivilized in my personal opinion and WEAK.  I have seen a lot of people on facebook posting  offensive comments. Going with just offensive comments in your protected bubble of facebook does not make you cool, agreeing with a FAD doesnt make you cool. What makes you cool is taking action.

    An action like  joining a political party that you like, almost every American belongs to a party? why not you ? start preparing for the next election maybe, which as per military could be soon ?