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  • Morsi CAUGHT lying about Boeing!

    Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 8.02.56 PM

    So as per Boeing website the actual figure of the what egyptair bought the planes for,

    he claimed it was 148 Million per plain, but when you do the math from Boeing website, you find out that it is indeed at 850 divided by 12, which is 70 Million.

    Now mind you they said LIST PRICE!!!!  SO that means they got discounted even further, as no one ever buys anything at the list price, and the actual price that airline buys the planes are at are confidential, not known to the public so that competing airlines dont go to Boeing and ask for the same price. For example, Egyptair could have gotten an extra discount that what would have been given to emirates, based on the fact that Egypt is a poorer country and that the US-EGYPTian military relationship. Just saying!

    but what is even more interesting is that Al Ahram called Morsi on his lie, and i dont believe he is lying only about this! obviously his whole speech is full of lies