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  • Money Talk !!!

    Today’s blog post is inspired a conversation i had with a friend while chilling in Seasons Country Club. 

    We did a little calculation we discovered that if you are a guy you would and you go out every weekend to a place like Tamarai, and in between the week have fancy dinners in bodega, and a few cocktails in amici. Your average spending would be around 2000-3000 a week. so on average 10,000 a month (multply by 4) , so in a year 120,000 l.e. on going out.  The question how did i reach the 2000-3000 pounds per week.


    well here is a break down of it

    Sunday: Easy going nothing to be done
    Monday: Amici or Jazz Club …. Budget: 200-300L.E.
    Tuesday Nostalgia: 350 L.E
    Wednesday: Fancy Dinner in bodega 350 L.E.
    Thursday: A night out in tamarai, with your bottle and mixers 550 L.E
    Friday : A trip to soukhna, petrol, food, bottle for the morning, bottle for the night: 800L.E.
    Saturday: Chillaxing with a kick back coffee: 50 L.E.

    Now thats if you are a guy, if you are girl i would assume you spend maybe 50% less than that because well guys buy the drinks and the bottles etc. That rule doesnt apply to all girls, as some girls like to equally share the cheque and all, so yea they end up paying as much as the men.

    So based on this calculation the average person who goes every other day on the scene spends between 100,000 – 140,000 EGP a year on just going out in clubs and bars in egypt, and that is not counting the seasonal tickets such as new years, christmas, eid, halloween, etc. 

    I partly blame myself as CairoGossip for enticing and making everything sound like its the must go party, like if you dont go to this party you will die, even worst people will forget you and no one will know who you are anymore. I did inflate this bubble of the party scene a bit, but in the same time i am tool where i am you can get all the info about parties, so in effect as a byproduct i do become a PR tool for all the parties, hyping them up. But in the same time you are suppose to be smart and do your own calculation and see what fits with in your budget. 

    Now for some of the high high society, 120,000EGP average on going out might not be a lot, while for the regular joe that does go out, when he thinks of it that is a quiet a number. I am not saying dont go out at all, but what i am saying go out smartly. 

    So for example with me i have been testing out somethings, … remember how i mentioned in the RAS Sidr that the whole weekend for two people costed 1000 EGP, i.e. 500 l.e. and it was fun and partied up. Another example the other night we went to pub 28,  got 2 bottles of wine instead of drinking hard liquor across three people, that costed each person around each one 150L.E. and we actually had a great time, because we actually got to talk to eachother!!! 

    While on the money topic, on the last note on that, its not a shameful to say your broke. I know a lot of people that would go out while they are broke,  because they would be ashamed to utter the words “i am broke”. Ending up going out on their credit card and getting more broke, more in debt,  not very smart. 


    Croc says:

    Great stuff, thoroughly sensible. Yeah Pub 28 is one of the great cheaper alternatives, and even has a kind of old-school charm, even though it's super untrendy (unless you're in your 50s, in which case wa-hey!). Sometimes you just want to have a drink and a chat. Can help with more places to go do that cheaply if anyone wants :D

    A Guy says:

    Fishie… Well Done, the best you wrote ….it is like the first note you wrote at your FB,can you remember it?
    Chapeau encore fois :)