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  • Misty’s “Sab3a Essentials”


    Common name we see around the scene but a not so common face. Misty stands as one of Egypts leading DJ’s and producers with tracks hitting the #5 spot on the charts and having played with the worlds biggest names in the EDM industry. We thought we’d get the sab3a essentials of the mysterious man

    1. Studio

    This is probably the place I spend most of my time in…even more than my bed I kid you not. My whole life is in the hands of a few small devices that are in charge of where I am today. Want to make me commit suicide? Break my computer.




    2. Slinky
    I got this as a present from an old friend of mine a few years ago and I don’t remember a day that has passed where I have not taken it out on the staircase and just watch it go down steps for hours and hours. Call me insane but this gives me inner peace.

    3 . Classic Ipod + V-moda Crossfade LP headphones
    Seriously, who wouldn’t consider their ipod as an essential item?! Especially the classic ipod. Better looking + more storage + more durable now combine that with V-moda crossfade headphones = heaven. Met2oleesh Beats aw Bose

    4 . GQ, Maxim, Revolucion, FutureMusic, DJ MAG 
    Specifically GQ, Maxim, Revolucion, FutureMusic, DJ MAG. Apart from the obvious last two because of my musical ambition, every man needs some GQ, Maxim, FHM in their life. It will sort your shit out for you.

    5. Nike Dunk limited edition KOZIK
    Probably the most comfortable piece of clothing anyone could ever buy. I wear these to everything especially for those extra long 4-5 hour DJ sets. These are my best friends, not Hafez

    6. Yoda
    Come on….its almost impossible to not smile when you see Yoda in a Xmas heart workin a candycane

    7. Bleu de Chanel
    no explanation needed.