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  • Mission A: Mystery Trailer Has Egypt Scratching its Collective Head


    What do Asser Yasin, Yasmine Sabry and Maged El Kedwany have in common? Well, apart from being three of Egypt’s finest thespians, the threesome are also the subject of a new mystery trailer that…um, well, no one’s sure what it’s about.

    Titled Mission A, the short clip plays out like a stirring, all-action, too-cool-for-school spy thriller teaser  – Yasin and Sabry are the fearless agents who have no problem in bending the rules to get the job done, while El Kedwany is their hard-as-nails, no-nonsense boss with a soft, jolly side.

    As three of the most popular working actors in Egypt right now, the trio are already causing a stir across social media – but if it’s not a thriller, then we call dibs on writing that script #Dibs.

    Usually at this point we’d finish off with something like ‘for more information, click here’ – but there is no ‘here’. All we can do is wait.

    By Kalam El Qahaira