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  • Mission A Mystery Revealed: It Was Samsung All Along…


    It’s finally been revealed – the mysterious Mission A wasn’t the teaser for the next big Egyptian thriller, but a trailer for what is shaping up to be the next big smartphone.

    The folk at Samsung are behind the enigmatic piece, which is part of a bigger ad-film (a cool, progressive term we just invented to describe the uniquely cinematic commercial) for the new Samsung Galaxy A7.

    But we weren’t completely off base – the trailer still bares all the hallmarks of a thriller, but the three stars involved are tasked with taking on a mission that can only be completed using the Galaxy A7, while the likes of Samsung’s Gear Icon X and Gear S3 making cameo appearances.

    As has come to be expected for anything that Maged El Kedwany is involved in, the ad-film (we’re not going to stop using it by the way) is suitably hilarious, while co-stars, Asser Yassin and Yasmine Sabry, also get to show their comedic chops, while giving the whole piece a certain je nes sais quoi – it’s those leather jackets and sunglasses.

    For more information on the Samsung Galaxy A7, click here.