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  • Miss Eco Queen: LTCP Egypt Champions Eco-Tourism in Egypt with Beauty Pageant


    The recent will-they-won’t-they debacle surrounding travel visas in Egypt has only gone on to prove that tourism in in Om El Donia still has some way to go before the country reclaims it’s standing as one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world.

    But while many fail to look beyond the glorious antiquities of Ancient Egypt, a renewed wave of eco-tourism is threatening to take the impossible task of convincing the world that Egypt is safe again by the scruff of the neck and lead the charge.

    One project championing this specific cause is LTCP Egypt’s Miss Eco Queen beauty pageant. Now, before we start rolling our eyes and speculating about the IQs of the contestants, let’s take a minute and remember that, at this point, anything that highlights Egypt in a positive light is, well, positive.

    We needn’t go as far as to say that any publicity is good publicity – not yet at least – but any spectacle that aims to champion this ailing cause is only good news.

    Miss Fiji (far right) forgot her short-shorts at home.

    With contestants from Egypt, the UK, Mexico, Netherlands, Nepal, Fiji and beyond, the inaugural edition of Miss Eco Queen kicked off this week with the first phase of the competition being held at Alexandria’s Hilton Green Plaza Hotel. The lovely ladies are spending the week at various Cairo attractions – as well as a visit children’s cancer hospital, 57357 – before the finale is held at InterContinental Citystars.

    We’ll save you the trouble of awkwardly twisting your head – it says ‘Eco Queens’.

    Meanwhile, judging panel is a line-up of ‘yeah, I think I’ve heard that name before’ figures, including silky-haired fashion designer, Hany El Behairy, buff celebrity nutritionist, Hany Aboul Naga, renowned photographer, Khaled Fadda, and actress, Dalia El Behairy. For more on Miss Eco Queen, click here.

    By Delilah Flashback