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  • Mindsalike: The Start-Up Social Taking Cairo’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem by Storm


    Even if you’ve never been to one, you surely have a pretty vivid idea about what a ‘networking event’ has come to be. Think poorly-lit hotel ballrooms, industrial-looking coffee machines with Styrofoam cups and the faint chatter of awkward small-talk. That’s a particularly bleak approximation, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a networking event in Cairo that strays too far from this dullest of set-ups.

    But inspired by the entrepreneurial culture of Europe, the last 12 months has seen the emergence of Mindsalike - an initiative that aims to bring together the city’s business minds and entrepreneurs under a much more fun, sociable and ultimately effective roof.

    Founded by Mahamad El Tanahy, Mindsalike’s three events thus far have been met with a huge wave of enthusiasm from Egypt’s brightest, who have hailed it for taking the first step in changing how Cairo’s budding start-up scene connects with each other in a suitably contemporary social setting.

    El Tanahy, founder and managing director of digital agency and software development house, Bright Creations, has been a part of the start-up boom and came to develop Mindsalike through his own first-hand experience of the cult of networking – and it seems to have struck a chord with peers from all walks of business life.

    Everyone from the likes of Con O’Donnell (founder of RiseUp) and Ramez Mohamed (CEO of Flat6Labs), to Ismail Farid (founder of Matarma Bay) and Karim Khalifa (founder and CEO of Digital Republic), to Laila Sedky (founder and CEO of NOLA Cupcakes) and Peter Matta (founder of Beit Matta), have been spotted at one or more Mindsalike events, putting into perspective the depth and breadth of Mindsalike’s net, which has caught all kinds of fish from this particularly eclectic sea.


    One of the keys to Mindsalike’s growing popularity has been El Tanahy and co’s choice of venue – after all, ‘location, location, location’.  Cairo Capital Club and award-winning Italian restaurant and bar, Tavolino, are among some the venues that have hosted Mindsalike, with the next edition, on Monday 23 October, set to be hosted at another award-winning haunt, Mezcal in Zamalek. Honing in on Cairo’s most unique and interesting restaurants and bars feeds into Mindsalike’s philosophy of providing a fun, vibrant setting for what have become  fun, vibrant exchanges between attendees.


    Mndsalike has also found support in the shape of names such as Chivas Regal, Le Baron and others, paying further testament to the reputations that Mindsalike has garnered in what has been a short space of time – and it seems like it’s only getting bigger.

    For more information on Mindsalike, click here.

    By Haisam Awad