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  • Microsoft: Child of the 90s!


    The new microsoft advert Child of the 90s, is nothing less than oh yes, i played with that, oh yes i had that, it is a trip down memory lane. For me personally the whole digital animal in my pocket was so true, me with my pokemons in the 90s! Yes i am generation Y, yes i want these days back, the days before social media, the days before me sitting down on my laptop and constantly checking facebook or looking through my Instagram! Those were days, and sadly they never will come back.

    But microsoft’s new advert made us re-live it for 1 minute and a half! I actually have a feeling that microsoft would be making a come back soon, i mean their new phone OS is not bad at all, the only thing lacking is a market place that is good. There new computer OS itself is good actually too. Pretty stable and fast, maybe even dare i say… faster than a mac!

    Microsoft is making a come back.