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  • MFL’s Sab3a Essentials


    Having just released BYMFL’s summer essentials, Marie-France gave us her own personal essentials. Of course her brand, BYMFL, is one of the essentials. She was careful not to give anything away here, because her new collection is going to be released pretty soon. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us! (To check out BYMFL’s facebook page, click here)

    1 – coffee cup because we ALL need coffee. and a fashionable cup.

    2 – boshkash the pug. my man!

    3 – narciso rodriguez perfume, perfection

    4 – airwaves cherry mint chewing gun. im the only one i know that likes this chewing gun = more gun for me !

    5 – i have a crazy addiction for mac lipsticks. i feel so lost without lipstick

    6 – bymfl ! because its my baby

    7 – my phone ! who can live without their phone nowadays