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  • Metro Construction Partially Shuts Gameat Al Dewal for Three Years!


    If Gameat Al Dewal Street is part of your daily commute, then you’ve probably met the whole construction work thing that’s been happening in the area for the past couple of days, and been surprised to find parts of the street closed. What?

    Yeah, apparently – as an attempt to improve traffic – a new metro line is being built, which will go through both Zamalek and Mohandeseen.

    This plan could be fruitful in the future, but it is bound to cause a lot of angry honks and confusion among drivers because it includes closing off some streets in the areas where construction will take place. This part of Gameat Al Dewal street will be shut down for around three years.

    The good news is, and in an effort to ensure that cars smoothly reroute to other streets, the number of traffic staff has been increased to help soothe all the confused drivers’ and redirect them to their correct paths.

    Just to be clear, the street will be closed starting from its intersection with Syria Street, all the way to the Shehab Street intersection. And for the street-shop-sign-readers out there, the starting point is Cilantro Café, extending all the way until Gad Restaurant.

    By Dina Khafagy