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  • Message to PMI & BAT


    Dear tobacco companies,

    I have a love / hate relationship with you. The hate is because I hate smoking as everyone knows it bad for your health, makes you look older gives you bad skin and teeth and not to mention breath. I love you because you sponsor all the parties!

    So I was thinking instead of spending millions and by million we know that your annual budget on sponsoring parties is millions! Why don’t you use this money for something else.

    I have an idea, and it still club/party related!

    You know how in every country in the world, smoking in clubs is not allowed. Some u have to smoke outside some you have to go to a smoking lounge.

    Well why don’t you use the millions you spend on parties on rather implementing a smoking free zone in clubs and in the same time build a smoker lounge, it would require an investment into a separate ventilation system, maybe a bit of glass or something to close off the smoking area from the non, but implementing such a thing will make all of us non smokers gain a bit respect for you.

    Because honestly let’s face it the million of pounds you spend on sponsoring parties with aiming to have people to convert to your brand, does it really work, has someone really switched from Dunhill to Marlboro or vice versa?

    This is an example of a smoker lounge, they actually have some of these in European clubs

    Note for those who don’t know
    PMI stands for Philip Morris International, which are behind Merit and Marlboro
    BAT British American Tobacco, which are behind Kent & Dunhill

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