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  • Men’s Summer/Spring 2013 Fashion Guide


    Men are almost always forgotten when it comes to fashion, in Egypt. You get these fashion magazines directed for women, fashion advice for women, everything for women. NOTHING for men however, I call this is sexist. We believe men have equal rights to fashion just as women.  This a guide to the men’s fashion … at least for their bottom half of their body.

    This fashion advice is based on what we are seeing on the street, First off, JEANS are out. Start packing your denim with your winter cloth.

    What will you wear for bottoms, well if you must ask, THINK colourful canvas pants.  Isnt summer always about being colourful

    don’t believe well why dont you check what Gucci has in its 2013 summer collection?


    If you think high end brands are usually crazy, then check out the more street brands like GAP


    But if you must wear jeans, at least get a coloured jeans, check out these coloured ones from Massimo Dutti

    Massimo Dutti Denim