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  • Meggings: The Men’s Fashion Fad of 2014


    I can accept a man in skinny jeans. I can even accept a man with ankle-exposing cuffed jeans. But I draw a line at Meggings.

    Having previously only been seen on runway shows from avant-garde extremists, a US clothing brand is bringing Meggings to the masses. Meggings Man Clothing offers a huge range of groin crushing pantaloons that are guaranteed to make your package pop.

    The Chicago-based company is looking to capitalise on a trend that has appeared on the lower bodies of the likes of Russell Brand and Justin Bieber - two fine specimens of the modern man. Created specifically for the male physique, Meggings feature wider waist bands inverted triangle panels on the hips.

    Having launched just last month, Meggings Man Clothing has already suffered the wrath of GQ, who simply said 'No'.

    But the brains behind the company are staying positive and have even suggested that Meggings be worn with tank-tops, t-shirts, hoodies and boots.

    Ok, you've got me. I'm very curious.