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  • Meanwhile in London

    Diamond Julibee

    Diamond Julibee

    since london is like closer to cairo, than gouna is for some odd reason, i mean it makes sense one is only 5 hours or so plane ride and the other is 5-6 hour drive! but carienes visit London more often … so this important news for us here!

    This weekend was full of celebration for the Queens Diamond Julibee (60 years of reign, and yes diamond julibee is usually 75 years, but when it comes to monarchs its 60)

    Well if you checked any other news other than the egyptian channels focus on our polishit (political-shit) situation we are in you would have seen that its all about Diamond Julibee!

    here is a picture of the The royal pageant heading towards Tower Bridge. Photograph: Tom Bage source The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/blog/2012/jun/03/queens-diamond-jubilee-pageants-parties-live?intcmp=239

    Tower Bridge Pagent