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  • الأخوان موقفهم ايه من رمضان و هو مبارك؟

    picture property of some other websites


    picture property of some other website


    okay this quote has been revolving around twitter and facebook for a while

    الأخوان موقفهم ايه من رمضان و هو مبارك؟

    rightfully so, but why do you think came out.

    Well if you watch the news ( or google it like i do) you would find that “Morsi annuls dissolution of parliament “ 

    in a nut shell, Morsi said Superme council’s decision, (the same council he swore infront of as a president a week ago) to dissolve the parliament is invalid, and issued a presidential order to get it back!

    So what does SCAF has to say this … and what about egyptian media.

    well Al Ahram reports SCAF said”

    انتهى قبل قليل الاجتماع الطارئ الذي عقده المجلس العسكري لمناقشة تداعيات قرار الرئيس محمد مرسي بإعادة مجلس الشعب، وعلمت “بوابة الأهرام” أن المجلس سيصدر بيانًا حول تداعيات القرار، لكن لم يتحدد بعد موعد إصداره اليوم أم غدًا.”

    for those who dont understand arabic it basically says the military will release a comment later on after their emergency meeting.

    what is egyptian media channel reactions …