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  • Mayounah’s 7 essentials


    Mayounah is one of Egypt’s only female DJs and producers at the same time (recently released a song with Amina Khalil on the Dancefloor) , we see her recently in amici and previously in Villa… we know her from behind the deck…. but now from the front, well there is more than meets the eyes.  for starts she has quit smoking for 7 years now !!! she worked in politics for 3 years before moving to a career in PR.

    This is MAYOUNAH’s essentials

    1- iPad  has my music and my life on it. I have no idea how my life was before it
    2- BioGeometry Energy Balancing pendant. I hardly ever take it off (check www.biogeometry.com )
    3- Sennheiser HD 25-1 II . I don’t only use them while mixing…they have saved me from noisy kids on planes before. Life saving
    4- TOVA my perfume, I’ve been wearing it since high school
    5- Tony &Guy dry shampoo. Who ever came up with this invention is a genius . I cant live without it now. ( it’s the white spray can)
    6- Hand cream. I’m obsessed with hand creams, especially this one the best over used the Hemp hand protector, I’ve been using it for 7 years now
    7- Make up essentials I literally can’t live without any of these:  MAC smoulder eye khol I think the world will come to an end without it. MAC studio tech foundation been using it since i discovered it in 05. Lip gloss any pink shade would do but this is my fav one by Lancôme . Mascara maybelline the turbo volume express. Nail polish. Nicole by opi is my favorite