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  • Maybe Google is to blame about the protest ?


    (quick note: picture above is not made by me it was on facebook)

    lets go a kick run down regarding the movie people are protesting

    - The movie is hosted on youtube. Youtube is owned by google.

    - Google has millions and millons of pounds and dollars invested in Egypt with one of its big hubs based out of here.

    -  Google has censored the movie from being dispalyed over youtube in the arab world

    - google can censor the move through out the whole world if it wanted to.

    - America even as country has not been able to make google take some stuff down ?

    Should that by logic, mean portestor  should be protesting at Google HQ in egypt, not at the american embassy ? of course peacefully with out burning it down ?

    but what if the protestors did ? wouldnt that scare investors from coming to egypt ? but on the other hand it might teach companies about how to deal with different cultures, not every culture is the same as the american one.

    Islam is a great culture, its accepting of a lot of things, but in it as a culture and as teaching making fun of god, or the profit is wrong.  and of course going killing people as a retaliation is even a worse wrong, and two wrongs dont make one thing correct…

    back to the point.. shouldnt they be going to google hq ?

    want to find read a more interesting article on this topic than fishie’s opinion, an article that is american published.. read this: