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  • Marwan Younis’ Video Is the Best Thing You’ll See on the Web This Week


    The internet never fails to amaze us every single day with hilarious content that has us laughing our heads off. Memes, sarcastic videos, diss tracks, you name it. One particular thing we came across last night was Marwan Younis’ random voiceover (VO) attempt. And we’d have to say, it’s the best thing you’ll see on the internet this week!

    The internet celebrity/comedian/radio host never is a stranger to sarcasm. He’s always blessed us with his super interesting videos. With this one though, Marwan has upped his game, and all it took him was a random VO for Sea View North Coast’s latest ad by actor Hisham Selim. Check out the video below.

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    دوبلاچ عشوائي.. إعلان هشام سليم

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    By Nadine Arab



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