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  • Mandala Yoga to Host Red Sea Retreat in Matarma Bay


    Even now, in 2013, yoga in Cairo is still a bit of a troublesome concept. While many embrace it, there are plenty of nonbelievers that just don’t buy it.

    You see, it’s a case of mind over matter, and luckily, there’s no shortage of yoga centres and teachers in Cairo; not so luckily though, we’re still in Cairo and most of the post-exercise relaxation wears off the minute you pull out of your parking space.

    In most of life’s situations, going to the beach can solve just about anything – something that Mandala Yoga understands.

    Starting on November 21st, the folks at Mandala Yoga will be holding a two-day beach-side yoga retreat at Matarma Bay in Ras Sudr where participants can get stuck into yoga, meditation and other practical workshops on the gorgeous shore of the Red Sea.

    Seasoned yoga instructors will be on hand through all the meditation and practical workshops geared towards enhancing well-being – it’s yoga as it should be.

    You can find out more on the Mandala Yoga Facebook page or by calling +20100 6749754.