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  • Mandala Yoga Goes to Sokhna with Deep Kumar


    Having casually dabbled in yoga, I’m very much a believer in its powers. But how do you make something that can take you to heights of relaxation that the human mind can’t even fathom even more relaxing? Take it to the beach, obviously – which is the answer for most of life’s questions to be fair.

    This is exactly what the folks at Mandala Yoga have been doing in recent months, having held retreats in Nuweiba, Matarma Bay and Aswan in the last six moths or so. This time around, Mandala is taking the party to Ain Sokhna‘s Movenpick under the direction of a chap called Deep Kumar.

    As an experienced, Malaysian-based, Indian yoga teacher, Deep is well versed in the increasingly complex world of yoga, specialising in Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, yogic therapy and meditation - yeah, he's the real deal.

    Just look at that photo. Rumour has it that he can also balance the whole weight of his body on his nose.

    The retreat will take place between Thursday 12th and Sunday 15th of June.

    For more details, email mandalacairo@gmail.com.