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  • Mandala Yoga Goes to Lazuli Ecolodge For First Retreat of 2015


    Pack your Lulumelon leggings, Ray-Bans and semi-professional cameras, because Mandala Yoga are back for their first retreat of 2015! This time round, they’re taking over the picturesque Lazuli Ecolodge in Bahareya from  February 26th to March 1st.

    The three-day yoga and relaxation retreat will soothe body and mind, with seasoned instructors helping Cairo’s yogis to disconnect even further from reality.

    Located far away enough that yoga enthusiasts can tell their friends about their #holiday & #citybreak, the beautiful Lazuli Ecolodge (which boasts a #naturalpool, #greatviews and claims of #harmony) on the Bahareya Oasis is really, very, sort-of Instagram-able.

    Activities will include standing in circles at sunrise, ‘omming’ at the shore of the Oasis, ‘saluting the sun’ and thinking about 'going vegan' out loud.

    Banter aside, yoga’s great. For more information, email mandalacairo@gmail.com.