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  • Makes you “sweat”

    Queue the song of David Guetta and Snoop dog – sweat here!

    Last night after voting a friend of mine (he goes by the name Mr. Designer) dragged me to Gezira club to watch THE BOOTCAMP EGYPT.

    No BootCampEg is not military related but it is exercise drill that is designed to enhance your endurance, make you burn excess fat, make you fit, while having fun and without all that unnecessary  ”7adeed”

    The work out typically goes for 50mins to 1 hour, and from what I noticed is a mixture of different routines back2back that challenges fittest of us, I mean even the most buffed muscled person would find it a nice challenge.

    Also another good thing i noticed they had mixture of boys and girls, it made me think in my head for a minute if they have an entrance rules like Tamarai “COUPLES PLEASE”. Obviously not, but jokes aside it really felt like this nice family of health people working it out! An environment safe for girls to work out in. 

    So i for one, am planning on signing up next, if you are interested check out their facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/thebootcamp/ they have weekly camps in Gezira Club and Gardenia in 6th of october.