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  • Make up classes by Soraya Shawky


    So in mid February, the superstar Make Up  artist Soraya Shawky shall be giving make up classes for those who need to learn how to apply their own make up. Soraya Shawky has worked with a number of designers and models to prepare them for photoshoot, or a catwalk look.  via her own brand or via photoboutiqe, just to name of few such as Malak El Ezzawy, Horreya, Sabry Bijoux, Identity Magazine, and a lot more.

    Well she is bringing in her professional experience to teach you ladies a bit of make up. These classes will be formed as one on one classes, which would be compromised of 40minutes to an hour and half depending on the type of  class. The different type of classes are

    1- skin care
    2- morning make up
    3- evening make up
    4- both morning and evening make up ( which last an hour and half )

    The idea of the classes is how to use natural ingredients and the products available for you in the  egyptian market! so no need to go out of your way to order stuff from the states or europe.

    In the class every girl is advised to come with her own make up kit and Soraya will show you what you can use in your kit and what you don’t need and what you need extra to buy.

    below are some images of Soraya Shawky’s cat walk make up (different than the morning and evening make up )