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  • Make Space Yours’ Space Challenge Reaches the Final Stage!


    Make Space Yours draws the final curtain on their space challenge next month, on the 8th of February. The final stage of the competition for Juniors (8-12) and Seniors (13-17) will be held at Maadi British International School (MBIS).

    The Inertia-powered and Omar Samra led initiative is one with its sights firmly set on encouraging future generations to reach beyond the boundary of the earth’s atmosphere, and venture into the void of a, mostly, unexplored space through space competitions.


    Season 2 has been a mix of competitions held online and in schools, the first one being held at El Alsson School in November 2018, to see who’d qualify for the rest of the competition rounds. Samra and Mohammed Sallam, the Egyptian Mars One Astronaut, were there to support both the juniors and seniors.

    The participants are going through rigorous but fun tests, with one lucky winner getting the chance to have a Zero-G flight, in the US or France, with Omar. The junior finalists will get to attend the Muricata space camps in Egypt, in addition to flying at Aerodium Egypt.

    Egypt has had a history with courageous men and women setting foot in the unexplored field that is space, starting from the Pharaohs and through to Omar Samra and the Mars one Astronaut, Mohammed Sallam.

    During the first season of the Make Space Yours initiative, Omar Samra talked about empowering school and university students during talks in 77 schools and 44 universities throughout 2016 and 2017. Also, during the Rise Up Summit 2016, Camp 101 was held.