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  • Lyon’s 7 Essentials

    DJ Lyon needs, no introduction ! he is the Tamarai resident DJ ! and he rocked the summer in el Villa ! and well when he plays … we listen to his seductive tunes, whether commercial or not !

    1- Laptop: Contains my whole music library since I started DJing grin
    2- Ipad: recently using for the last 6 months, helps me organising my schedule (weddings, events, meetings, etcc.. ).
    3- Serato box: Its been 2 years now working with it, helped me out not to carry CD bags anymore.
    4- PS: Fun in my spare time
    5- Headphone : without it cant feel the music
    6- Camera : sometimes helps me in getting some shots in certain events
    7- Personal CD case: It contains my favorite music that I love to hear alone while im at home, in the car or even in my vacations.