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  • Loose weight for the holiday season

    so you want to fit in that size 2 dress of yours  (ok we know you are size 8) .. just joking , but here are a few tips

    1- Book an appointment with EMY Clinic (01009002244) (0233033290) and ask for the PROSLIM MELT, with out going into too much details … the video below describes the process, i lost around 15 cms in diameters so far until now, and i have been maintaining it with constant exercise

    2- GO TO BOOTCAMP ( http://www.facebook.com/groups/thebootcamp/ ) they provide a series of exercises that well is tough and would actually make you not only burn fat, but be healthy and FIT  AND HAVE ENDURANCE  ! not that GYM BULLSHIT where you go and just fill your muscles with air… and between me and you if you press on the toes of ones those buffed boys they are going to squeal like a mouse

    3- EAT Cucumbers or drink cucumber juice in the morning ! … cucumber has this properties in it that help remove the fat cells that you burn after a work, or PROSLIMELT that removes that fat cells from the body… also its a great DETOX

    4- okay this is a complete joke, but they sometimes say the best day diet is don’t eat at all !!

    5- go on a 7 day SOUP FAST ! just eat soup for 7 days and juices … you would loose major weight on that … but you are  going to gain half of it back as soon as you start eating… so do it 7 days before NYE … then after go FAT AGAIN  !!