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  • Live Like the Flintstones in this Hurghada Hotel


    Summer is pretty much over and we’re ready to welcome sweater weather. That is, until we found out about Caves Beach Resort in Hurghada.

    The hotel is literally built to look and feel like caves! The 40,000 m² resort is constructed from wood and stone; it’s just like being on The Flintstones! Only with flat-screen TVs and wifi.

    The resemblance is uncanny.


    Imagine what it would be like curling up in one of these beds. Let’s just hope that throw blanket isn’t real fur.


    Imagine the selfies you could take in that mirror….this furniture is definitely not from IKEA.


    The hotel’s restaurant looks ideal for a rock-mantic evening under the stalactites.


    *Checks to see if fake dinosaur skeleton is anatomically correct.*


    Swim in this stone-age-style pool and feel as ‘bae’ as Betty & Barney Rubble.


    It’s like a palace made of pebbles!


    So if you’ve ever felt like you were born in the wrong era, a visit to this B.C. beach resort can quickly resolve that. Unless you’re below the age of 16 – you’re not allowed for some reason. To book your stay, visit their website or send an email (reservation@cavesresort-hurghada.com).

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk

    (Photos Courtesy of Caves Beach Resort)