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  • Lifestage: 7 Things You Need to Know About Facebook’s New App for Teens


    The social media planes have been evolving at neck-break speed over the last few years, with platforms changing and adapting to meet the increasing demands of discernible social media users – case in point is Facebook’s new app, Lifestage.

    Available exclusively on iOS, the social networking application has been in the pipeline for some time and has been released this week to mixed reviews. Here’s what you need to know.

    1. It’s For Kids…

    Working off the statistic that only 8% of Facebook users are between the ages of 13 and 19, Lifestage is only accessible to users that are 21 and under. The app is also said to be trying to address the idea that less and less young people are using Facebook, or going as far as leaving it, because more and more parents, and even grandparents,  are becoming active on the site.

    2. It’s Returning to Facebook’s Original Concept…

    It’s part of social media folklore that Facebook was originally confined to university students, before growing into the beast it has become today and it’s something that is at the core of Lifestage. The app is supposedly aimed at keeping classmates and schoolmates connected. So serious is this aspect of the app, that users will only be able to see other users’ profiles once 20 pupils from the same school join.

    3. It’s Based on Videos…


    While Facebook asks you to input information as text, Lifestage prompts users to build their profiles using videos. As part of the registration process, the app asks users to photograph things such as their ‘happy face’, ‘sad face’, likes, dislikes, best friend and more, with some comparing it to Facebook’s release of Instagram Stories.

    4. It Doesn’t Feature as Many Facebook Features as You Think…

    The simple ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ features are core elements of Facebook usage these days, but Lifestage strips many of Facebook’s main functions away. Users will see how many times any of their videos have bee viewed, for example, but there is no ‘Like’ feature. In addition, there’s no messenger feature either.

    5. It Has Already Sparked Safety Concerns…

    Privacy and safety – the perennial social media issues. Of course these are especially important given the exclusive teen audience, but Facebook has already faced criticism for the fact that there is no real verification when you first sign up, meaning that, essentially, anyone can register. Facebook has stated, however, that it has made reporting users misrepresenting their true identities a very quick and swift process.

    6. The Guy That Created it is 19 Years Old…


    “What if I figured out a way to take Facebook from 2004 and bring it to 2016?”  What if every field in your profile was a full video?” These are the questions that 19 year-old Michael Sayman asked before designing Lifestage. Having learned coding via online tutiruals, Sayman went on to create popular app, 4 Snaps, and currently holds the position of the Lifestage Product Manager.

    7. It Could Signal a Whole New Direction for the Future of Social Media Platforms

    Kids are our future, yes, but they are also very much the future for social media platforms. The release of the very specifically teen-targeted Lifestage speaks volumes about Facebook’s future plans, as does its focus on vertical video. Going back to the statistic of 13-19 year-olds accounting for only 8% of Facebook users worldwide, Lifestage has been received with cynicism by many, who believe Zuckerberg and co are grooming future Facebook users.

    Check out Lifestage on the iOS App Store.

    By Kalam El Qahaira