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  • Let Get Serious!

    got president ?

    got president ?

    okay all fun aside, lets get serious for a second and realize that we have a presidential election taking place in approximately 3 month, thats assuming if the country is not going to burn in flames :)

    presidency aside, we have our constitution being written now .. if i am not mistaken by a MB controlled commity …

    a few days ago, i asked a simple question on my facebook “Do you know who is running for president”  … and not much of a surprise i didnt get much of response  …

    So let me ask do you know who is running for president do you know what their agenda is ?

    Personally i know of

    1) Amr Mousa

    2) Ahmed Shafeek

    3) Ayman Nour – last week the ban on him running has been lifted.

    4) Abou Fotouh

    5) The king of el BOSTARAT – ABO ISMAIL

    6) as of yesterday the muslim liarhood nominated – Khairat Shater

    7) mansor hassan was running but i think he pulled out not quiet sure

    8) Bothaina Kamel

    THE Question do you know who is running ? and do you know what their agenda is ? did you research on it ? because i personally dont know and i must be honest i am using this post to educate my self …