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  • law 3andak dam

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    Egypt is a country, where everything is ONLINE! …. Yes it is! and it is provided by the people for the people !! Because the lack of efficent government services, we get people who provide a reliable services… so for example bey2ollak an application where it depends on the people to report the traffic, where is in other countries you would have government maps and traffic updates. Same with blood. especially during crisis like these.

    so comes “ http://www.law3andakdam.com/ ”  a service that similar to bey2ollak tells you who is need of blood, and what time, and all you have to do is go give blood to them. ” Law3andakdam.com is a free online service that matches blood donors and patients in need of blood, based on location and blood type, and through

    social media. Donors register their information with Law3andakdam. Recipients fill a very easy to use online request that is broadcasted through our social network. Recipients can also search the online Donor directory. ”

    you can always follow them on facebook for live updates: https://www.facebook.com/Law3andakdam