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  • Lanterns: Uptown Cairo’s Swanky Ramadan Tent


    In the faraway land of Mokattam, perched high on a cliff, lies the contemporary gem that is Uptown Cairo. For all the times Cairenes head out to the hills, Mokattam may as well be in another country. This Ramadan, all of that is set to change as the Clubhouse’s Ramadan kheima, Lanterns, gains a respectable foothold in the fickle landscape that is Cairo’s nightlife scene starting from Friday 26th.

    Capitalising on Cairo’s obsession with good food and good shisha, Lanterns does one better – it offers unparalleled views of the city’s skyline in an environment that is overwhelmingly green and one of the few places in Cairo where you can take a deep breath without hacking up a lung.

     https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/10389437_862687957154873_1868331955378396785_n.jpg?oh=01d40116bb80b60e2989f134dcb7c662&oe=562B18B9One of the VIP lounges at Lanterns.

    Doors at Lanterns open at 8pm, with the dreaded last-order bell dinging at 2.30am, giving you plenty of time to sip your final green tea thoughtfully. Food and other culinary delights make an appearance from 10pm to 2am, and the night’s entertainment comes in the form of Ramadan mosalsalat. Act as cool as you want, but we know you’re secretly watching at least two. Oriental takht groups will be strumming away every night, with weekends rumoured to be hosting some of Egypt’s most popular music acts, too.

    If you head there on a weekday you can choose the Sohour Buffet for EGP 160+++ per guest, or EGP 240 all inclusive per guest. If you want to go for a slight splurge, but with the opportunity to see popular music artists such as Abo W El Shabab, Dina El Wadidi, Salalem or Massar Egbari, then go for their weekend Sohour, where the buffet is from EGP 175+++ per guest, and all inclusive is EGP270 per guest.

    For more information and reservations, call 16129, 01283557000 or 0225032133.

    By Habiba Salama