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  • Kitsch is Cool: 7Up to Launch Special-Edition Vintage Cans


    They say that originality is dead. They say we’ve reached a point where nothing is new. It’s a sentiment that many believe to be true, but we would have to respectfully disagree and so does 7Up.

    The iconic brand’s Original Spotting campaign aims to find, celebrate and champion the remarkable people among us that can lay claim to being truly original. 7Up is encouraging one and all to post ‘acts of originality’ on social media using the hashtag #originalspotting.

    It’s a fitting campaign for a name that has become iconic thanks to its own originality and innovation as it celebrates its 85th anniversary with a trip down memory lane.

    Without getting too deep into post-modernist theory, we can, and should, all agree that retro is and will always be in; kitsch is cool and 7Up is channelling exactly that spirit an upcoming launch of a collection of special edition cans.

    Said collection will consist of six cans, each representing and inspired by a decade between 1930 and 1990, with brand ambassadors set to adopt and essentially embody each of the chosen eras. Apart from makinga pretty cool visual campaign, the launch marks 7Up’s celebration of its 85-year history, authenticity and creativity. In addition, collecting all six cans will win you an exclusive vintage-themed giveaway; complete your collection, upload a photo on Facebook or Instagram using the #six7ups and tag @7UPEgypt for a chance to win.

    The campaign reminds us of what an iconic brand name 7Up has become since its humble beginnings back in 1929, when it was named Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda – true story. Luckily, the brains behind PepsiCo’s second most popular drink worldwide have since come up with a shorter, catchier name and the vintage cans serve as a fun blast from the past.

    Remember a certain pencil-sketched, wavy-haired character from the nineties? Yes, the man, the myth, the legend, Fido Dido, is coming to supermarket fridges near you cans five other quirky cans that promise you similarly trippy flashbacks.

    But the vintage can collection feeds into the much bigger global Original Spotting campaign; someone’s fifteen minutes of fame awaits, but this campaign has the opportunity to do more, especially in a country like Egypt where no one has any idea how deep the well of talent goes – and it’s deep. From musicians and artists, to NGOs and just plain good-willed people, this is a country waiting to be uncovered.

    For more information, check out the official 7Up Egypt Facebook page.