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  • Kempinski and Insight Competition

    Social Media Competitions lately are a dime a dozen, but doesn’t mean its not entreating ….  or have you forgotten the infamous Audi A1, then the GAP Egypt Competition … well now is the latest one, is Insight Magazine and Kempinski hotel are hosting a competition on which the winner will be on the cover of Insight Magazine, and get a room in kempinski soma bay  hotel for a weekend  … sounds like a hot deal ! well why don’t you vote, and don’t only vote for your friend … but vote for who you believe should win based on the merits of the competition …

    goto this link



    If you think you’ve got what it takes send your best photo to reservations.cairo@kempinski.com with your name, age and phone number and get the chance to be on the cover of an upcoming Insight issue.