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  • Kazboon in Zamalek (Pics & Video)

    Remember a few days ago i told you that كاذبون باسم الدين  would be shown in zamalek.  well they did today! Obviously i had to pass by, the crowd was women who are in their  late twenties, thirties and up. together with a few street crowd. At first i was critical because i was like Zamalek, doesnt really need to see this, we all believe that ikhwan are liars. However, when i was there and saw the fact they had also gathered people passing by zamalek, people in the shops and a lot of the regular folk.. would come and watch. I was like oh that is effective.

    check the videos and pictures below


    20130122-084744 PM.jpg

    20130122-084749 PM.jpg

    20130122-084754 PM.jpg

    20130122-084806 PM.jpg

    20130122-084815 PM.jpg

    20130122-084819 PM.jpg

    20130122-084823 PM.jpg

    20130122-084827 PM.jpg

    20130122-084834 PM.jpg