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  • Karim Attallah’s 7 Essentials


    Karim Attalah is the force behind the “Casual Mondays” series of events, in addition to hosting a few parties in le deck, and Christmas parties. In the day he studies “Economics” … which we all know will definitely be useful for his event organizing career.

    1.Espresso machine:  an essential to my everyday life. Twice a day is more than enough to keep me going.
    2.Toothbrush and gum: having a clean breath is a must, no need to explain that.
    3.The old blackberry curve: a friendly device that has all of my contacts and receives my emails! Genius isn’t it?
    4.I-Pad: when it comes to free time, the best thing to do is spending time on “Stumble Upon” and “Vodio”! Apps.
    5.Shades: I’m a big fan of those! That obsession lead to a big useless collection, but these are my 3 favorites! The old fashion “Porsche Design”, “Carrera Pocket Flag” and the “Wayfarer”
    6. Perfumes: I’m also an addict to those! I love all perfumes! Especially: “Clinique Happy” and “Armani Diamonds”
    7.Paper and a pen: wherever technology takes us, the best way to brainstorm and to plan something is by using those 2 items! its also good to have a weekly schedule.