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  • Ka-Pow: Qahera is the Egyptian Anti-Sexual Harassment Superhero We All Need


    For years, art has been the voice of Egyptians, and the January 25th Revolution has seen that catharsis multiply tenfold, be it through traditional artistic pursuits or graffiti.

    This year, enigmatic Egyptian artist, Deena, has developed a series of online comics on Tumblr that follows a crime-fighting, veil-wearing superhero bent on ridding Egypt’s streets of the scummiest kind of scumbag.

    Qahera is the answer to every Egyptian woman’s prayers, as she navigates the country with the ultimate goal of eradicating sexual harassment.  Swooping in just in the nick of time, Qahera offers consolation to the victims she saves, and has some pretty interesting ways of dealing with the sexual harassment pandemic.

    It’s awesome – check it out.

    You can find more on Deena on her  personal blog.