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  • June 30 in US media



    So how is the US reacting to the JUNE 30? are they even talking about it?

    Well this is an exert from THE BOSTON GLOBE, where it says the egyptian opposition wont discuss reconciliation, it did say the reason is because it is too late to reconcilate according to the opposition, and that Morsi is monopolizing the power the the Muslim Brother hood.

    Also within that same article they are talking about the clashes regarding the Ministry of Culture, and Tamarood!

    They do mention though the Tamarood campaign has raised 7 million signatures, which have no legal basis to force Morsi removal, but “the campaign has boosted the morale of the country’s fragmented opposition”

    and they even quoted the sign that was on the ministry “BROTHERHOOD & CULTURE” dont mix.

    so for me it is interesting to see that we are still making headlines on international level with the expected june 30th protest!!!

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