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  • Juhayna, Cottonil & DICE Ramadan Ads to Be Banned


    As is the case every year, opinion is divided on the best Ramadan ads, but three in particular are about to suffer the wrath of the Consumer Protection Agency, which released a statement on Saturday condemning and banning ads by Juhayna, Cottonil and DICE for a mishmash of different reasons.

    According to Youm7.com, Juhayna’s Dondo (trans: BOOBIES) ad has received a drove of complaints, with the CPA condemning it for ‘going against tradition and values’, as well as for wrongly suggesting that its milk is more nutritious than breast milk.

    Cottonil’s commercial, meanwhile, has been banned for a scene showing women squatting in work-out gear, as the voice over takes a moment to creepily say ‘oooh’.

    One of the more peculiar decisions, however, concerns one of DICE’s ads; though initially many had assumed that its playful mockery of Cottonil’s commercial had landed it in trouble, the CPA has reportedly banned one of them (see below) for ‘promoting/endorsing adultery’. Go figure.

    This is not the first time that advertisers have been warned about their comedic attempts during Ramadan; last year, chips brand, Fox, saw one of their ads banned for making light of domestic violence, in showing a father slap his son. These latest decisions could have a bigger long-term effect on Egyptian advertisers, who have come to lean on racier brand comedy in recent years.

    By Kalam El Qahaira