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    So today i voted, and this a post that just details my experiance in this day of voting!

    It was very simple for me luckily, i woke up at 6:45am and was my lagna by 7:15am! was 24th in line and a few of the Islamist where behind me in line, and a few liberals infront of me, it was sort of a balanced thing to be honest. The Bearded guys behind me were actually decent, they did not harass me they didnt preach to me, they offered the old people chairs from the neighbouring mosque without harassing them with their opinion. 

    I finished the whole process by 9am, then went for a walk aronud my district to see how other lagnas and schools where like. I noticed ikhawn heavily campaigning when I reached a big lagna, sporting a funky yellow fashionable rain coat, well the girls in a not so fashionable sash that you would find Ms. World wearing with the logo of their hezb.  But to be completely honest it wasnt only the hezb el horreya and 3adala (Ikhawn), but i noticed a lot of indepents, together with a few wafd.  Pictures below. 


    So i naturally had to argue with one of the the ikhawn guys, we went on about how i said what he was doing is illegal and him trying to convince me that it is not, since he is 10 meters away from the door of the lagna. None of us have won this arguement so i made a scene and just walked off. 

    Lesson learnt from this voting experiance that i am taking with me for the next election hopefully the presidential one, WAKE UP EARLY AND BE FIRST IN LINE. As what i am seeing with most of my friends they are still in line, and they might have arrived at the lagna at 8am exactly. Actually when to come to think of it, at 8am at my lagna i had over 300 people behind me, so that 45 minutes early that might have saved me 2 hours of waiting in queue.