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  • It’s Your Fault: Hilarious Indian YouTube Video Addresses Local ‘Rape Culture’

    it's not your fault

    Egypt isn’t the only country making headlines around the world this year.  Mass protests in India have broken out in recent months, after several brutal rape cases were brought to attention – specifically one that left a young girl dead.

    While thousands are in the streets, seemingly to no avail, four comedians have done what this generation knows best: making a satirical YouTube video – obviously.

    ‘It’s Your Fault’ is a satirical skit featuring Bollywood actress, Kalki Koechlin, in which she explains in hilarious detail how wearing clothes like skirts, dresses, burkas and even spacesuits can send out mixed signals to men – making it the fault of the rape victims

    Garnering over 800,000 views and 4,000 comments, the video as reached viral status and has achieved its purpose by pointing out the ridiculous excuses spewed by India’s ‘rape culture’.

    Listen and learn, Egypt.