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  • It’s a hosny’s bday

    It’s dj amr hosny birthday … And naturally it falls on the same night as “fall in the city” so if you are there expect some major tunage

    And to mark the ocassion of amr hosny bday cg connected with some of his friends and this what they had say

    Mayan Fawaz : ” To the Godfather: Im gonna make you an offer you cant refuse CAKE IN YOUR FACE! :) Mayounah”

    Sebastian mor2os: ” Happy happy birthday mr. Hosny! I can’t wait for your reveeeel on the dansss when you inspect and erect :)

    Wally Mowafi: ” DJ Amr Hosny in not only the greatest DJ in the world he is also a scholar and a gentleman. Amr Hosny for president!”

    Timmy Mowafi : “what is an amr hosny”

    Adam mowafi: ” Hosny made be BELIEVE in music again “

    Aly awadi : ” happy birthday Mr. Dj”

    And finally here is the fishie message to the dj

    “Drop it like its hot!” because you are hot and next birthday will get you a real present … Something more than a blog post …. Maybe a new guzzling v12 engine for cars and stuff


    Hosny says:

    thank you CG, awaiting that V12 nxt year…….