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  • Islamophobia within the Arab World


    I simply blame the Ikwan (Muslim Brotherhood) for raise of Islamophobia within the Arab world. That group is doing exactly everything that it was set out NOT to do. Instead of making people love and embrace Islam, they are making people hate it even more. instead of making people love the idea of a PAN -ARAB world, they made people hate it.

    Take these two scenarios.

    1. Now when you say you are practicing Muslim or something, people automatically relate you to that group el Ikhawn, and a certain Stigma is associated with it.

    2. When an massacre happens in Gaza,  and a tragedy happens in Egypt. if you show support to both, you don’t like your own country ?! Why ? because you should only support your people and no one else?

    Whatever happened to empathy ? 

    Whatever happened to having room in your heart to understand that both are tragedies and both have deaths on it? 

    Once upon a time, when i was a student in AUC, when a massacre like this use to happen in Gaza, we use to go down and march in Tahrir between Greek and Main campus. A few girls would have gotten beaten up by the riot police but that is a different story.

    When a tragedy like what happened in Assuit happens ( and trust me it happened a lot before Morsi) we use to have moments of Silents at university and create donation runs.

    Last night i was really upset by all the status on facebook that was coming up that was comparing deaths of Gaza to Assuit.

    I found it in my personal  opinion ignorance. I found it that have it in their heart to understand that its both tragedies.

    When i was at university, we use to believe Palestinians are our Brothers & Sisters. Now with Ikhwan ruling both Egypt & Gaza they are making both people hate each-other.  We are falling in the same trap that we have with the US, where the citizens of the US mis-judging Arabs based on their governments. We are misjudging Palestinians on theirs! Do NOT start with oh, they elected HAMAS, sorry but that argument could be used also against us we elected Morsi !! (which we know was  fucked up election because ikhwan used dirty methods to raise to power)

    Ikhwan i blame you for this Islamophobia, Ikhwan i blame you for dividing the Arabs.

    You know what, when i hear that Ikhwan are Israeli operatives or whatever it is, i am like its not really far fetched, considering the islamophobia and segmentation within the Arab community it has achieved.

    I am sad for our Egyptian loss.  I am sad for our Palestinian Lost. I am even more sad that we as Egyptians are losing our Arab identity and becoming selfish.

    Yes, we need to be fixed internally, but that is not the only thing that needs to be fixed. we also need to also fix our foreign affairs because as a country we are getting fucked on both levels and losing our ground as a leader in the Arab world.

    I am SAD. but last night what cheer me up was this status on Facebook

    “”Tomorrow at AUC there will be a moment of silence at the SSE steps (Gucci corner) in honor of those lost in Gaza and Egypt over the past few days. People will be collecting donations or give them to Ahmed Amin (Eddie) to send to either location too. Please wear black. Thank you and re-broadcast” “

    Ok i laughed my ass off on GUCCI corner, but still i got cheered up because AUC donations cared about BOTH GAZA  & EGYPT !