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  • is the new IOS7 innovative?

    Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 3.57.48 AM

    I as every other apple geek stayed up to watch the Apple WWDC conference where the new iOS was released, but before the new iOS was released they mentioned something about a new OPERATING SYSTEM, Mac OSX Maverick, a new macbook pro that would be even stronger than this one, and amongst other stuff, but really the headlines was about was the NEW IOS… paving the way to the next iPhone for the next year.

    Look the idea of redesigning it, and making it look cooler and more sleek is all good,

    then they added new features such as AIRDROP, where you can transfer stuff to people without bumping phones, or new itunes radio, or new control center and all that

    but is it enough? is it enough really to be called innovation? because that is what they are going by, they are calling the new IOS 7 the most innovative thing out since the inception of the iPhone?

    When iPhone came out the innovation back then was having your music with your phone in the same device, then the next innovation in different iPhone iteration came out with having the internet in your palm of your hand, then came photo sharing, and iMessage, but with iOS6 to iOS7 is really the innovation a facelift?

    honestly, no! it is not innovative, but still like the idiot I am i will stick with the iPhone, rather than andriod, because even with samsung new innovations that it released which wasnt much, are they really practical, so when it comes down to it iPhone over samsung for useabiltiy,

    however that being said a lot of apple fans are starting to get disappointed from apple from the lack of their innovation