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  • Is ras sudr the new sokhna?


    In my quest to find out if Ras Sudr is the new sokhna, i go to the ever popular social tool, for people who loves pictures… INSTAGRAM!

    Just looking through some of the pictures with Hashtag #RasSudr i soon disover what life there is about.

    Simplicity, sun-tanning, true beach experience, shit loads of kite surfing! And to answer the question initially answered, no Ras Sudr is not the new Sokhna, in fact ras sudr, is anti sokhna, anti complicated villas, anti-fake snobby, and ras sudr, has an actual decent crystal clear unpolluted beach.

    I am right now sitting at home, watching all those pictures and i am jealous, because those people in Ras Sudr, know how to have actual fun, I want to be there now, Actually i want to be in Matarma Bay (check it by clicking out here) … it opens in easter, but it  is already fully booked, so cant wait to a plan my trip to it, soon!

    20130428-113529 PM.jpg

    20130428-113533 PM.jpg

    20130428-113629 PM.jpg

    20130428-113632 PM.jpg

    20130428-113625 PM.jpg