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  • Is HaciendaBay the Ultimate Sahel Destination? Yes…Here’s Why


    Every year, new venues, new gimmicks and new attractions arrive on the North Coast promising the perfect combination of sun, sea and sand. There are plenty of those things in HaciendaBay, of course, but with much more, as 2016’s Sahel Season has proved.

    Offering something for everyone, the beachside commune’s M.O. this summer has been Good Vibes; said vibes are still alive and kicking even though ‘Sahel Season’ is over and extend to everything from the pristine beaches, to culinary and shopping treats and more…

    Lake Yard is the Ultimate Food & Shopping Retreat


    Described as the Retreat of All Retreats, Lake Yard has returned bigger, better, more colourful and yummier this year, thanks to the likes of TED’s, Mince, Kazouza, Shader, Stavolta, Formula Onederful and Qahwet Warda – among many more – which have been keeping sun-worshippers fed and happy.

    In addition, shopaholics have also been able to get their fashion fix at Lake Yard, thanks to the likes of Pop-Up Shop, Amina K., Vintage and even Nile Eyewear, while popular Cairo salon, Chez Richard, is also on hand with their many hair and beauty services. All that under one roof. Well, except there’s no roof. But you get the point.

    BeFit Have Made HaciendBay the Ultimate Fitness Option in Sahel


    While for many, weekends by the beach mean partaking in the ultimate pursuit of antakha, others still like to enjoy thir regular doses of exercise. Yes, Instagram-able sunrise runs on the beach are an option, but Aly Mazhar’s BeFit are providing a much more enticing option. BeFit has taken Egypt’s fitness scene by storm in recent times and are providing an impressively equipped dedicated workout space, inviting one and all to keep those beach-bods looking bodacious.

    SANE is the Ultimate Kids’ Destination


    Back in our day, we were happy with a bucket and a spade for our seaside fun – but apparently, the modern child needs more complex activities to engage with. Enter Zamalek’s Sane, which has put together a special kids’ corner at Lake Yard, offering everything from puppet shows and a playground, to music, dance and acting classes. Oh to be young again.

    Bayside is the Ultimate Chill-Out Spot


    Be it live music in the sunshine, or a light, quality, gourmet lunch, Bayside is as versatile a venue as you can get in Sahel. Straight-up chillin’ is the name of the game at the picturesque spot, but the occasional rowdy party have gone down a treat with regulars. If we are to give you one tip, though, it’s this: get your hands on a cabana for the ultimate Bayside experience.

    6IX Degrees is the Ultimate Nightlife Hub


    From daytime chilling, to night-time clubbing, 6IX Degrees has been one of the most frequented nightlife venues along the North Coast – and with good reason. The open-roof, amphitheatre-like set-up is perfect for a breezy, salty night of Good Vibes, but what has really been bringing the boys to this particular yard is a steady stream of great acts passing through the stage, including everyone from Ragheb Alama and Haifa Wehbe, to Fatman Scoop, Kevin Lyttle and, on its closing weekend, Diana King. Bring on next year.

    For more information on HaciendaBay, click here.

    By Kalam El Qahaira