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  • Is DHL Express Connected to Mo Salah’s Mysterious Disappearance from Social Media?

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    Africa’s Football Player of the Year, Mo Salah, perplexed the whole lot of us a few days ago when he tweeted something quite ambiguous. 


    We’ve talked all about it, and we’ve even tried to speculate and analyse the situation. 

    But here is the deal. After two days of silence from Salah’s side and a lot of social media upheaval with no other question but “Where’s Mo Salah? What happened to him?” DHL Express announced that as part of their 50 year anniversary they have a way to reach Salah, urging people to send all kinds of gifts that show love, support, and motivation

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    Meanwhile, fans think that this is an opportunity to reach their Egyptian hero, who brought smiles to their faces and shared with them great moments of victory. Fans have already started to register their interest by uploading images on the promotional DHL Express website,which will allow 50 lucky winners to send gifts and letters to Salah cheering him on and wishing him the best of luck in his upcoming matches in the Premiere League.

    Salah’s well-being comes at a crucial time for Egyptians, as the country was just announced to be this year’s new host of African Cup of Nations matches for the first time since 2006. Therefore, Egyptians are rooting for a strong come back from the national team lead by their Egyptian king.  

    Now, football fans worldwide are just waiting for Mo Salah to break the silence and reconnect with them. Take a deep breath, let’s not lose it just yet!