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  • iPAD 3 is out with fishie’s input

    it hits the stores march 16th and its out, and why is this on cairogossip, well because probably half of you have an ipad

    so whats new about it, well it has a 5mb iSight camera, so that means you can take better pictures with it, and we know in egypt everyone is a photographer lately,

    but thats not just it, twice as fast as iPad 2 with the new A5x processor, and it supposedly works on 4g networks, but hey we dont have 4g yet in egypt, and even if we did i heard it only works on american 4g not international ones …

    and it has retina display

    to be honesty i love apple but this is a disappointment, there isnt any real change, hey they didnt even add SIRI on it … its just a faster one .. and knowing them you would probably find when you update your ipad 2 it will get slower by itself … i swear to god as much as i love apple but i have this theory, that when ever they release a new IOS they make it so that any older phone /pad / pod that updates to it is slower